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Spamming on our website will have you blocked from using it at any time. We do not tolerate this behavior and we are here to make sure that such activities cease immediately.

You may be wondering what type of consequences come with spamming in comments, messages, or support requests? Well, don’t worry because there’s a good chance your IP address is going to get blocked – guaranteeing no more use of the Fresh & Clean Website!

Your account is subject to the approval process. Unverified accounts may be suspended at any time if we don’t approve them first, so please follow our guidelines for verification by providing accurate information about yourself and following through with all required steps as soon as possible. We do not allow VPN or PROXY access since they can lead us into misinterpreting your intentions while accessing this site; anyway you are fully prohibited from using such networks when trying to log in on the bestusacard website because it will lead us straight away to suspend your account permanently without notice of any kind whatsoever!

If you want to keep your account open, it is important that you access and log into the site at least once every six months! If you do not use this service within 6 months of the last time accessed then we will turn off your account. There are no guarantees on how long inactive accounts stay up so be sure to check in often for updates on when yours may go down if left dormant too long!

Your name is important! You need to have accurate information so we can take care of you. We are always checking for suspicious activity, and if that ever happens, then a government-issued identity card will be required in order to verify your identification. If it does not match up with what’s on our records already or any other documents submitted by the customer as proof of address verification (bank statements or utility bills), they won’t help us provide service either – which would be terrible considering how much your business needs electricity at all times!!

Your email ID is called a login ID. However, you may have usernames to access our site but an e-mail address helps with receiving all kind of notifications. You must use your real email id for this purpose

Service & Delivery

We provide a wide range of customer service options to meet your needs. On our product page, you’ll find detailed information on each option available and the corresponding delivery time frame under the “Additional Information” tab. You can expect 24 hours after placing an order for standard orders or 72 hours for natural hair care products due to processing times by UPS Ground Shipping Service or USPS Priority Mail respectively; however if there are any complex issues related to verification and payment processing, it may take up to 7 days before we ship out your items delivered via FedEx International Economy Delivery (3-5 day).

Payments & Account Funds

So why would you want to create an account with us? Well, for starters we don’t store your credit card information so there’s no chance of it getting stolen or compromised and ruining that hard-earned Visa. But what if I’m not sure about whether the size will fit me right away when my clothes come in from China via DHL Express? We gotchu! My Account offers a great way for making deposits on our website without having to enter payment information every single time – just make one deposit and use those funds as needed until they’re gone (or else go ahead and fund up again)!

Prohibited Activity

On the rare occasion that you request a change in service after placing your order, we will not process this transaction. While it may seem insignificant to offer two types of verification cards for each other, please note that if one is requesting Payza and another request PayPal they can only be exchanged through our website which means exchanging money with them directly. This is against company policy as payments cannot go back-and-forth between services offered on our site.

Fraud Prevention

Due to the high number of chargebacks and reversals, we will no longer be able to provide services for you. If you do so, your account with us will not work again and future transactions on our website might also get stopped due to fraud concerns. Please make sure that all payments are made through this site’s payment button under each service description; any manual payment sent via email address won’t be processed by us anymore.

Customer Support

bestusacard.com offers the best warranty and customer service, as we are available 24/7 for your needs! However, if you do not receive a response from us during business hours please be patient since our staff will get back to you soon!

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